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. southeastern virginia, eastern north carolina wait, please wait. do yourself a favor. start with live doppler 9000 hd because it is lit up big time. a lot of green, yellow. the orange and red, we are talking torrential rain, one to two inches an hour. maybe more than that in the heavy heavy downpours. start by zooming in to the metro. we have had heavy rain move in the last 20 to 30 minutes. causing some folks -- the satellites are fading. we are hearing about that. bethesda, the rain is moving up wisconsin avenue. other areas to the south, south of lorton now we have heavy rain. also coming in from virginia. moving northward in to fairfax countiful travel will be tough just about anywhere. light to moderate rains in prince georges county. expand out and show you the heavy rains from annapolis down to western anne arundel in to calvert county and just in to the bay, in the northern neck. and this area of rain, we are talking about rain totals here have been incredible. this has difficulted to the bay as it is moving to the north. so far three to four inches of rain or more. upwards of five in
. start with titan. wide doppler radar. look at the heavy activity in to north carolina, southeastern virginia. this will move up to the east side of 95. and affect southern maryland and the delmarva. so if you are in annapolis down to st. mary's city this is got in the cross hairs so to speak. we have activity to the west. although this has been weakening the past hour or so. we will have rain and showers everywhere. don't get me wrong but i think in terms of the biggest threat east and west of town. let's start with drive. you can access this at our website at and check out our weather a. before we zoom in we had light activity in la plata and 95. this will get more intense the next couple of hours and skim over the bay and hit the eastern sections of anne arundel county and calvert county. we will point up to the north and west. one area that is still fairly heavy off to the west now. it will cross over 40 and 70. it is west of meyersville and northwest of middletown and frederick county and produce heavy rain but nothing severe. let's go to the computer. tonight, flash f
in southeastern virginia. there is flooding in the outer banks. authorities will be out to check for any major damage. the beaches in ocean city, maryland have been closed. >> adam caskey continues our team coverage. good morning, adam. any problems yet out there? >> no real issues out here yet in ocean city. the weather is slowly deteriorating but it really is not that bad. it is clocking sustained winds, a little over 10-mile-per-hour with gusts a little in excess of 15-mile-per-hour. i'm steadily seeing those gusts slowly but surely increase as they have all night. the conditions slowly deteriorate. here is a look at the hurricane. it is 80 miles east-southeast of cape hateras reduced to a category 2 storm but a high-end category 2. moving to the north-northeast beginning to take that turn to the northeast at 15-mile-per-hour. by 8:00 a.m. it should be act 100 miles offshore of virginia beach. still nearing us here in ocean city. a -- we'll see some big rollers coming in here. i'm anticipating waves of 10-12 feet. i'm joined by chris. he has been out here this whole time. you're at an emerg
carolina and southeastern virginia where they have a tornado watch in affect at this hour. and will likely see another one i'm thinking posted to the north of that across eastern virginia, southern maryland and the eastern shore as we go through the morning. this is potentially a very active weather day, not just a very wet weather day. i said it yesterday. if you can telecommute or take the day off, please consider that. do yourself and everybody else a favor by staying off the roads this morning. this rush hour will be a nightmare. we will come back in a few minutes. one more time, i want to say we have a tornado warning for south central anne arundel, calvert and eastern st. mary's until 4:30 this morning. that line of storms toward benedict, saint leonard through st. mary's city, as well. east of leonardtown. any of those cells have possibility of producing a short-lived tornado. i will be back shortly. over to you. >>> as howard told us we are under a flood watch until this afternoon and right now we want to take a look at things close to the district. jessica doyle is live from old t
into southeastern virginia by midnight tonight and then during the morning hours tomorrow, the lower part of the bay and at the atlantic beaches and lower eastern shore, they will have those tropical storm force winds. and it will then rapidly move off to the north and east and affect new england by midnight friday night. but the greatest threat for us time wise for our atlantic beaches will be from dawn tomorrow through around noon time and then it will rapidly move off to the north and east. and for us, we do have hurricane watches up on the atlantic beaches down to virginia beach. right now we're in the 70s around the region under a clear sky, 77 in washington. highs today low 90s with shall high clouds. mid-80s tomorrow. chance of a passing shower here. but tropical storm all around the eastern shore will be affecting the winds there as well as the heavy rain. and then breezy and cooler saturday, sunday sunny near 80. let's check traffic. >>> starting off out of virginia, let's take a look at 66 this early morning. it is quiet as you make your way all the way from i-81 headed for the capital bel
, rehoboth, bethany, wallops down to southeastern virginia. coastal flood advisory has been cancelled and the water levels haven't come up. isabelle went this way and pushed the storm surge through the bay. this is going to the east. the storm surge is though right of the storm. heavy rains on the backside and you can see there in eastern north carolina getting in to virginia. i want to show you the winds, though. plotted the winds since last night. the bluer the gust are the actual wind speeds. last night at 5:00 the winds were calm at ocean city. as we go through midnight they start to pick up. the northeast and north wind 58 a hatteras. 25 norfolk. at 3:00 this morning they were gusting over a 0 at hatteras. 28 norfolk. an east wind at 11 in ocean city and the winds haven't picked up at ocean city. but gusts to 30 in norfolk. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd real quickly before i show you this. we have that rain which has moved in to to southeastern areas of maryland. southern maryland, st. marys city, up to even around the solomons island area seeing showers. newlisten, tappahanno
in southeastern virginia. the rain bands stretched about 140 miles up the southern tip of the check peek bay in virginia. sustained winds were whipping the north carolina coast and u.s. coast guard station at marreris reported highest gusts at 67 miles per hour before midnight. earl had weakened late last night. >> so as always, you can get the latest on hurricane earl on we have a live web chat right now. we're showing you video behind the scenes before 4:00 this morning with joce and justin. we have the active earl. check out the web site, up-to- the-minute news on our home page and everything you need to know. just go to the weather tab and click on the hurricane center. stay with abc 2 news as more earl moves up the east coast. join us today for abc 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00 with live reports on ocean city with more tonight at 11:00. meggen? >>> it is 6:35 right now. more americans are planning to head out of town for the labor day weekend than a year ago. what remains to be seen is the big question. aaa expects 34 million people to travel at least 50 miles from their home u
are seeing clouds out there. showers in southeastern virginia in to the carolinas and some of that moisture could be here in the form of showers this afternoon. temperature-wise, in the 50s an low 60s out there. so it's okay. 40s in the mountains. some areas will get a lot of rain tomorrow. today, more clouds than sunshine. late shower is possible. 71 dc and tappahannock. 69 martinsburg and 70 gaithersburg. it
at this on the dollar over the last 12 hours. all the moisture streaming northward across southeastern virginia and knocking on our doorstep. we will go to live doppler 9000 hd and show you what is happening. up north clouds have been building. in the district we have had a few sprinkles t got the showers in harrisonburg over to fredericksburg. easton to cambridge it is starting to pick up. you will have to watch for the afternoon here. and some of the rain is actually already heavy in southern maryland. we'll go up to return county and annapolis. you have some showers, which are about to move in to you. shady side to north beach you have wet weather. southern portions county and lighter rain. in st. mary's county, leonardtown, st. mary's city across the river toward new land, reedville. jan is four tenth of an inch this morning. really coming down. and this is lifting off to the north. temperatures will hold where they are in the 60s to around 70. it is 66 in fredericksburg. orange is 62. and look, where it is raining in cambridge 63. easton 68 but you will likely see a few degrees chopped off
carolina, up to southeastern virginia watches and tornado warnings down to the chesapeake right now. in virginia beach they have tornado warnings going on. no tornado warnings currently we are checking it. devon will join me in just a moment. but here we go with live doppler 9000 hd. and you can see the heavy rains that are falling across the metro and especially east and southeast. west of town, we have got moderate to occasionally heavy rain from hagerstown through southern loudoun county and out to culpeper, about to move in to you. but clearly you see the orange to our east and also south of fredericksburg. these are the areas that got the -- especially this line here. the one to two inch totals in the last hour alone. and that's why we think we are in for six inches plus in some areas. maybe ten-inches plus in some areas before the storm is over. here we are in washington. light to moderate rain going on here. from around baltimore south, 97 through eastern prince georges, western anne arundel and then go down through north beach, to leonardtown and in to the mouth of the river
in southeastern virginia. heavy rain, wind, rough surf at the north carolina coast. there are flooded roads on the outer banks. authorities will check for damage at daybreak. the storm is not as strong, but it packs a punch. high surf and deadly recurrence in the aftermath. -- deadly rip currents . >> there are gusts of 15 miles an hour, enough to move my hair and a little rain. that is not stopping people from watching the conditions at the boardwalk. ocean city police have been up and down all morning. authorities would prefer you to stay indoors. some people have been out watching the waves. there are still some pretty big waves rolling, pounding the maryland coast. we are still waiting for hurricane earl to arrive. ocean city police ordered people off the beaches when the first strong winds began to batter the maryland coast. >> i don't think it is bad that we are watching it right now, but we should probably get off the beach when it gets bad. >> businesses are hoping that hurricane earl makes a right turn away from the land. people are still getting close to the raging surf. these wom
at the heavy rains through eastern north carolina and southeastern virginia. that's what's headed for the morning commute. we'll tighten up to close in view around the immediate metro area on the computer and we'll see moderate rain moving in from the metro area from the south. this is like a tropical conveyor belt, really. we'd like you to help sending them to the website, post on facebook or tweet, and go to twitter and please tag your tweets with dc flood and we'll put them on the air as soon as possible. overnight, rain and thunderstorms go into effect. lows of 60 and 65. i'll come back with breakdown of weather and rain fall amounts for your area. . >> down in alexander ria, crews are clearing drains hoping to clear the potential of high water. they've seen this sort of thing before. earlier tonight, trailer trucks loaded with sand bags made deposits at king and lee streets. meantime over in annapolis, the city is keeping a big eye on a aging dam. that 90-year-old dam's foundation is eroding and there are gaping cracks in the wall. regulators have deemed it unsafe but they sa
to make its way up the east coast. the storm's wrath is being felt in southeastern virginia. it brought heavy rain and rough surf to the north carolina coast. there are some reports of flooding in the outer barnings. while the storm may not -- banks. while the storm may not be as strong, it packs quite a punch. we're going to check in with adam. he is live in ocean city and it is still pretty calm out there, adam, isn't it? >> you know, greta, it is really not that bad out here. we have sustained winds 10-15 miles per hour and few gusts. let's take a look at the latest. still a category 2 storm. maximum sustained winds at 105 miles per hour. a hurricane watch is still in effect in case this happens to wobble to west just a little bit, which is not that likely. situated now 85 miles east of cape hateras. what does that mean for us on the delmarva beaches? wind gusts will increase, especially in the midday and afternoon. rain showers will begin this afternoon. i already see a few drops coming in. we have a band. luck think tide cycle is working in our favor right here. normally you get to
at the moment. we're seeing winds in southeastern virginia, eastern north carolina gusting at 30 miles an hour. i do expect the wind field to expand later on. we could be dealing with those later. with soggy ground, you know the equation. there are still a lot of leaves on the trails. they could be toppling. that storm system is pulling out of north carolina and virginia. we can look at this on the wide picture there on our weather computer. you'll see that red box. that's a tornado watch until 1:00 p.m. we've had isolated tornado warnings here. they still have tornado warnings in eastern north carolina and southeastern virginia. some of the heavier rains also coming into parts of the shenandoah valley. the radar is busy this morning. we're seeing more yellow showing up across the board as the whole area continues to lift to the north. want to start here in town. we have some moderate rain. you can see it downtown from the mall area right through northwest, up wisconsin avenue through rockville there where 495 and democracy come together. toward the south, it's starting to get heavier. from wo
the american people vent if will you. interesting to me, i just spent a couple days in southeastern virginia for a big piece on publishing it tomorrow about sort of what happened in the obama mojo. take virginia. look, there were all of these obamacans. republicans who became obama fans in 2008. they crossed the aisle because they were inspired, just like some democrats were, and thought he was going to change things. i talk to democrats, republicans and independents in southeast virginia. they were basically saying, look, not angry at him. saying, we think he's a good man. we think he's got ideas and is trying, but basically said he tried to do too much too fast in the first 20 months or so, and the second thing they say, it's just a constant political environment, because of the economy. the economic issues, you and gloria were talking about that, frankly it's a throw the bums out kind of mentality. look what a couple voters we talked to, republ >> no matter how he spent his time during office and how well he represented his constituency, unfortunately the majority of citizen whose
. that will play a big part in our forecast. the front lays down in southeastern virginia, little ripple of low pressure comes along with it. sunrise torrow morning cloudy skies tomorrow morning. south of town, fredericksburg, stafford, spotsylvania, southern maryland might get a sprine as early as early afternoon tomorrow here in the washington area. our steadier rains arrive after sundown. monday and tuesday looks like soakers. today partly sunny quite warm. tomorrow the complete turn around clouds on the increase, cooler tomorrow, a risk of some showers late in the day. highs tomorrow in thor 60s and low 70s. the real good news in the forecast is monday and tuesday. i say on average one to two inches of rain across the area between monday and tuesday. that's good news. chance to dry out as we head towards the rest of the week. the hokies are up in massachusetts taking on the boston college eagles. great weather for that game. stanford cardinal goes into south bend to take on the fighting irish. 62 degrees. eastern michigan goes into the horse shoe to take on the ohio stateniversity as i've b
of rain, down in southeastern virginia, parts of north carolina. here we have reports of up to 4 inches of rain but we'll get the reports coming in once we get through the morning hours. let's jump right in. i want to show you the latest on the tornado wni have in effect. tornado warnings. now you see them there, the counties in red. tornado -- warning in effect for east central anne arundel county in maryland. that tornado warning in effect until 10:15. that's for east central anne arundel county. severe thunderstorm there where it is possible that that storm could produce a tornado. now in the southern portion of your screen, tornado warning for southeastern calvert county. that is going to to expire in a moment. in fact, it has just expired. so that one is out. and the tornado warning that was in effect for east central st. mary's county. that has been canceled. so that is good news. but we still have a tornado warning in effect for central anne arundel county until 10:15. let's look at the flood warnings. while we're looking at that, i want to mention this special marine warning. i
some heavy rain. the outer banks as well. southeastern virginia down near the hampton roads area too and we'll continue to watch this and monitor this through the course of the morning. i do think we'll get some improving conditions here today. here is what is happening. we've got virtually an east coast tropical highway going on as these systems pull up aabundant tropical moisture down to our south. that comes up north along the east coast and brings us rain. it will do it again starting late tomorrow. we could see heavy rain wednesday night into the day and through the day on thursday. another few inches of rain is possible so we'll continue to have flooding concerns as the week goes by. here is a look at the current temperatures around the region. 72 right now in d.c. and in baltimore and in annapolis and in leonardtown. 68 in manassas where you are get something heavy rain. 68 at dulles airport. early clouds an rain and then some afternoon sunshine mixing with those clouds. warmer temperatures. yesterday we got up to 78 degrees. today, w
. there are a lot of breaks and thin clouds up there. we see showers in the carolinas and a southeastern virginia. the moisture will try to work toward us even before the end of the day. 60s at reagan national and in southern maryland. 50s up across montgomery and fairfax county. 65 at 9:00. a few breaks. cloudy by nine. highs 67 to 78. megarains tomorrow. more on that coming up. right now 5:30. >>> overall no complaints and one tieup that we continue to keep an eye on. take it outside live and show you the fire activity response on the scene. we have 16th street still closed between tuckerman street and somerset place. you want to avoid that area for a little more -- for actually the next 30 minutes. we will keep you updated throughout the morning show. take you to 395 northbound. things are filling out. tracking head lights here duke to seminary and on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents to report. just some volume already starting to build between 2 t colesville right here and georgia avenue. andrea, over to you. >>> we are following breaking news for you this morning. three people have
doppler indicated warnings earlier. many to southeastern virginia and eastern north carolina. i think we will see more tornado warnings as we go in to mid to late morning ands for a the rain potential, still storm total four to five inches. locally eight plus to the south and east. it is 6:02. >>> angie? >> a couple of problems out there. specifically we know that heavy rains caused a lot of issues for tractor-trailer drivers and we have a jackknifed one on the inner loop. and this is what it is causing. a big stackup approaching old georgetown road. that's where the scene is and the stack up starts at river road and it is growing. on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents. from university over to georgia a good amount of congestion is building. take it to the maps. 70 eastbound. another traffic is overturned in this area has all eastbound lanes closed. drivers being forced to use that exit 87 to get on to 29 and from there they can hop on to route 40 or 99 to get around it throughout the morning rush because it looks like officials will be out there until at least 8:00 this morning.
to the southern half, let's say of eastern north carolina. southeastern virginia and delmarva getting in on this storm action. the winds tell the story. going back last night at 6:00. the wind direction is wrapping around the storm. the speed sustained, in white, the gusts in flu. norfolk gusted to 5. 3:00 the wins pick up at norfolk at 28 an the last readings we have now gusting to 82 hatteras. 23 ocean city an the winds are wrapping an the center of circulation which looks east of the virginia north carolina border. around here cloudy skies. most temperatures in the 70s. all this though in the season you won know the storm is out there. temperatures in the upper 80s. 88 at noon. not as hot. around 90. a metro update for you. the power outage at the dupont circle station has been cleared. delays have cleared, as well. good news there. not so good news as we move it outside and show you 95 in virginia. man, what a headache. two accidents. first is at lorton. this is off to the shoulder as well as the one at the fairfax county parkway but adding to that stackup is a bunch of rubber nec
you did have cold and snowy for southeastern virginia but last winter cold and dry, janice, i had a lot of dry at my house. what happened with that prediction? >> i think the artist, his wrist slipped there. >> it is tough because you use historical predictions, sun spot activity with your forecast and they go out 18 months. >> yeah. the sun spots go on 11 year cycles and they have been happening forever. >> for the forecast, right. >> there is a secret formula i hear. >> they won't tell me what it is like kentucky fried chickens 11 herb and spices. look at this year's prediction. this is for the coming winner from the folks there at the old farmers almanac, cold and snowy for the region. >> not as snowy as last year but we are forecasting cold temperatures almost as soon as as january begins. might see flakes in april but remember april snow stays no longer than water on a trout's back. the only perfect climate is in bed so if you don't like it, don't get up. >> love it. weather is always best when winds are west. it is out now and thank you forking with us and there are a lot of
and into the evening hours. a tornado warning now for southeastern virginia, a warning is different from a watch, a warning means a torn -- tornado has been spotted in the area. if you're in the area of virginia beach, the signs have been spotted in the sky and the warning is out now. we're going to watch this system as it moves. back to janice dean in our extreme weather center in a moment, so keep an eye on that in virginia. martha: all right, in california, there's a measure that would scrap a nonpartisan commission that was supposed to redraw the legislative districts there, two years after voters in the golden state the idea a thumbs up but even before the panel has had a chance to convene. what's that all about? william la jeunesse is checking it out live in los angeles. hey william. >> reporter: martha, and unions, rather critics, including the l.a. times, are telling speaker pelosi and the unions and the state democratic party to back off. accusing them of being self-serving and undemocratic and spending millions of dollars to undo the what voters already approved. >> they were perpetra
richmond, southeastern virginia around norfolk or east of raleigh, rth carolina through the wilmington area, that until 1:00 p. and it's areas around frederick county down through the district on south and off to the east. a lot of folks say, well, what do i do when i'm under a tornado warning? if you're at home, you want to get to a basement if possible, away from any windows and doors and away from the west and southwest walls. that's where we find a tremendous amount of wind with these systems moving from typically southwest to northeast. unr anything srdy if you can and away from any flying devertebrae. t debris. if you live in a high rise, what's the safest place? you do not want to be in an elevator. interior rooms and halls are best. there's a look at some of the rainfall. you folks in fredericburg, virginia, getting over 2 inches of rain. that's just today. over 3 1/2 for this storm alone. look at fairfax, virginia. 3.9 inches, the total storm amount. st. mary's city, a lot of rain in a very short period of time, close to 9 inches there. you can see why we have some road closures ou
of coastal south carolina and north carolina right up into southeastern virginia and tornadoes are a real threat when we have tropical systems going by. some of the thunderstorms tomorrow in our area could rotate, although they do tend to be weaker storms. we've got this east coast tropical highway with all of the abundant tropical moisture moving to the north and it's just got this one spot it has to funnel through right up the east coast and that's why we know we'll have this period of very heavy rain coming in and it will be here for the morning rush hour. flash flood watch will begin at midnight and go through the day tomorrow and yes, we are talking about inches of rain and concerned about any thunderstorms that could pop up. there is a slight chance they could be strong to severe with winds that could gust to 60 or higher and maybe spin a little bit producing isolated tornadoes. that threat will primarily be from 95 on east and probably tomorrow afternoon. so here's probably one of the most important things we can show you, what a great tool our max hd futurecast is. at 10:00 tonigh
of water. earl's powerful gusts and driving rains are now being felt in southeastern virginia and moving up the coast. we have complete coverage of hurricane earl. ron mott in north carolina, weather channel's mike seidel on long island, new york, nbc's michelle franzen in cape cod, still wounding what is going to happen there. let's begin with nbc meteorologist bill karins come have been worse but still some problems, bill? >> yeah, tell you, we had a category 4 at this time yesterday and very fearful what was going to happen in the carolinas and eventually up in cape cod. the storm weakened a little bit more than expected yesterday afternoon and evening that set the stage for the damage that miner in the eastern carolinas much the storm is continuing to pass to the north-northeast, wait for the new advisory from the hurricane center, later than kip cal with it. 11:00 advisory, usually a couple minutes early. actually, we just heard just came in, now down to a category 1 intensity. the weakening trend has continued with this storm. that shouldn't be a big surprise. we haven't
on the eastern shore in the upper 60s. right around virginia tide water and southeastern virginia, low 70s. and over the last 12 hours we had those evening thundershowers coming through. but have now dissipated. we have a few clouds drifting in from the rest. afternoon highs climbing into the low and mid 90s. going to be uncomfortably warm or a few hours midafternoon like yesterday. more of the same tomorrow although less humid on friday. tomorrow's record high is 94. so we may be tying it or exceeding it tomorrow afternoon. then cooler for the weekend. jerry, how's the traffic? >> doing pretty well. just a story of vome as you take a live look through vienna along interstate 66. eastbound traffic as you head on in looking good. westbound, also moving along well. no early hang-ups to report. let's hea over and take a look. elsewhere the rush hour picking up a bit of vome both ways at the american legion brie. just a little volume. no concerns,270 also moving very, very well. let's update you on the rails. have a problem on metrorail's red line. that problem has been quickly cleared. there
for areas of southeastern virginia as well as delaware, then on into new jersey and our area as well. so we get more in, another two to four inches. we'll probably see some gusts to about 40 miles per hour. jim? >> all right. thank you. our team coverage continues now with the news 4's chris gordon. he's live in kensington where it's dry now but a second rou of torrential rain is expected to hit as we've heard later tonight. >> reporter: we covered a lot of territory today. no matter which maryland community we checked on, we found that people shared similar stories. standing watern the curb lane took many motorists by surprise in beltsville. in bowie, the driving rain made driving difficult. >> i was driving 30 miles an hour coming down 202. >> reporter: were you scared? >> yes. cars coming towards me with no lights on. >> reporter: prince georges and anne arundel counties, roads were clos because of large pools of water that made driving dangerous. in some cases the floodwaters made their way to local homes. >> it's overflowing near my house and running both sides all around my house. >>
star in the democratic party by the name of tom perriello running from southeastern virginia. he is in a fairly conservative district. he had the courage to vote for health care reform, financial reform, the bailout, and now is getting killed on that. he is 15 or 20 points behind. that is a district where they may pull the money even though he is a rising star and put it in that district where dana bash is that didn't seem close before but now is close. they want to save that seat and they have a real fighting chance there. >> these are going to be really tough, wrenching decisions. >> very hard decisions. you have tom perriello, he had the future written all over him. he'll come back in politics i hope somewhere but that's the kind of person you want to see stay in politics. >> yes. all right. we'll see what hamppens. thank you. >>> a fast moving wildfire endangering areas in and around colorado's four mile canyon. we'll have an update. one official calls it chilling in its callousness. the details of the killing of a pizza delivery man. beh d the th they just thought of everyth
achievement. i've got a story right now on where i spent a couple of days this weekend in southeastern virginia. there's a democratic incumbent congressman glenn nye, a freshman, on the ropes facing a tough republican challenge. and as gloria says, he doesn't want to be anywhere close to health reform. he voted against the plan. he doesn't want the president campaigning in his district. this was supposed to be an issue that was tough a few months ago. to gut it out and get it through. but then the white house was suggesting, look, it's going to be a big win for democrats. and instead, a lot of them are running from it. and the president, this is the first time he's mentioned health reform in a big sense in quite some time. he's been focusing on economy and jobs because he knows that's what people want to hear. >> you know, ali, i think people want a change, but they didn't want this much change. and i think when you look at health care reform, it's so large -- it's not very easy for people to digest, particularly when this is administration that has also done the stimulus package, it's
into southeastern virginia as well as all the way across eastern north carolina. our local radar showing a few sprinkles south of washington. right now down through culpepper to the west of interstate 95. there's one band of light rain there. there's a couple of other bands of little bit heavier rain in the northern neck of virginia. in ocean city they are getting a few bands of light rain but the heavier bands are off the coast. they will be moving inland near ocean city in the next couple of hours. highs today reaching the 80s. it will be sunny and breezy tomorrow near 80, beautiful labor day highs near 80, low humidity but cool in the mornings near the 50s. the latest on earl's track as well coming up at 5:51. let's check traffic for this friday morning. ashley, how is it looking now? >> this early morning, we're relatively good shape around the region. we have a couple of trouble spots. let's start off with good news out of virginia, approaching the capitol beltway, no problems past 123. elsewhere out of virginia on 95. delays continue to stack up. we have accident activity just prior to n
. it is certainly starting to make its presence felt and also making its presence felt in the southeastern part of virginia. this video that you are looking at is from nags head, north carolina. earl has weakened a little bit but it is still very powerful and very big. can you seat winds whipping around, tucker. what do you think that we might see the real effects along our coast. >> next several hours, probably 9:00, 10:00 this morning. the storm is pushing off to the north and northeast and it will be racing up towards new england later today. it will be out of here as fast as it arrives. right now, even here in washington, the cloud cover that you see is associated with earl. the mild temperatures are a result of the cloud cover. we've got some bands of rain across the lower chesapeake. so, yeah, pretty interesting stuff. hard to believe we have such a powerful storm so close to us, yet so far away. there is a live look at our max ht radar. sorry, that last frame is dropping out. the storm is split ago part here as it pushes up the coast and weakening vast -- the storm is splitting apart her
the sharp cutoff for the rain there. rains increasing now in the southeastern parts of virginia, right around virginia beach. it's getting windy and wet. there you see a tropical storm force, in east north carolina. those will be heading right on up into southern new england tonight. that's when the big problems will be occurring with the wind and the rain. it will be significant. back to you guys. >> all right, mark mancuso, >>> we'll check in with mark later this half hour. abc's coverage of earl, will continue all morning long on "gma" and >>> and a security scare at the miami airport. four concourses were evacuated overnight, while the bomb squad investigated reports of a suspicious package. the initial report came from the area of the international arrivals. the tsa says one person has been taken into custody. they're not getting details just yet on what may have been inside of that package. anyone traveling outside of miami, is told to call their carrier for possible delays. >>> engineers are starting to look into the reasons for an oil rig explosion
, here comes another batch that's just now moving into southeastern virginia. this one is heading right up toward the metro area. should be in here peaps in another hour or two before noontime. we could have another wave of some very heavy rain. now, here's the radar over the last three hours shing that we've had this one band that's sort of breaking up a little bit that was plaguing fairfax county and prince william down toward spotsylvania and stafford. that has now shifted a bit to the easement that's producing moderate rain in st. charles county. it's breaking up a little bit. right now the radar showing the storm system in anne arundel just updated the radar, that one is continuing advance now toward where route 50 heads toward annapolis. that should be hitting there in about so. this may be producing. there is some circulation with this particular storm. this is a storm warning, a tornado warning that may be going to expire in about another five minutes or. so but it may be extended because it does look like this storm is holding together as it heads off. some communi bhas affecte
will be off our atlantic seaboard from the delaware bay down to chincoteague and southeastern virginia. it could hit eastern new england and cape cod and massachusetts could get hurricane-force winds on saturday. the effects for us are going to be minimal thankfully for our region. it does appear that for us we'll stay dry in the washington area, but at the atlantic beaches and maybe a little further inland, there could be tropical storm force winds and some heavy downpours as earl passes to the east. so that's good news this morning as we look at the bus stop forecast, sunny, in the 60s and low 70s. good weather for the children waiting for the school buses and by noon it will be near 90. a clear night tonight, we'll be down into the 60s by dawn tomorrow. then during the day on thursday, near 90 with sunshine. near 90 on friday, clouds here from earl. saturday sunny and school highs near 80 with low humidity. low humidity in place sunday and monday too. >>> i come bearing good news this early morning. 66, the dulles toll road, all of them are doing just fine. you can see 28, the headl
>>> earl's powerful gusts and driving rains have turned the outer banks of north carolina southeastern virginia in our direction..3 residents ou out in the outer s are waking up to 1-2 incces of rain. %-plywood and branches around.e onn wind t 60 miles per hour was felt at tte coast guard station at the hatteras island.3 and it was fast enough to make it rain sideways in some parts of the outer banks. make sure to stay with fox 45 morning news,,we will can continuing coverage from ocean ccty tonight n the news at 5:30. >>> get out aad vote. starting this morringg maryland will become one of 32 states in anyone can do it. several of the states electiooe3 officiaas say they are planning to o to the polll before primary day. governnr maattn o'malley and testify mstephanii rrwlings-blad ddlegate umminns will vooe this morning. >>> and stay with fox 45 to get the lateet information on the on the vote 2010 iion in thelick news features section. >>> many baltimore ity workersĂș are starttng off the labor day weekend witt a mandatoryyday off. it's a furlough day in bbatimore. that means
. mid-70s in southeastern and southern virginia. now it's near 80 degrees on the carolina border. over the last 12 hours we've had this high pressure pushing down from nada at's cleared out our sky. meanwhile in the tropics it is active. hurricane igor passed just 17 miles from the center of circulation from bermuda over the weekend yesterday. now it's rapidly exiting north and east about 20 miles an ur and the winds have diminished from 7 sustained to higher gusts, but it continues to move away out to sea. tropical storm julia is weakening well and this may be a new tropical storm, lisa. it's now a cluster of clouds. we have to keep an eye on that. but it may become a named tropical storm in anotr coue days. meanwhile, a couple waves heading toward the central islands, the leeward islands to the east of there, and then to the west of there, south of hispaniola, theres another cluster of some storms. keep aneye on that. south of puerto rico and dominican republic, that may turn into a tropical system as well. closer to us, we can see the extent of this high pressure from southern onta
of showers to our east now particularly across jersey, southeastern pennsylvania and across virginia. another batch of north ohio with heavy storms. that will pass north of pittsburgh. it may kick up a shower or thunder shower for our region. as the front moves through later tonight, tomorrow high pressure with pleasant conditions friday, saturday and sunday. very nice, sunshiny and dry weather once again. quickly to the tropics, igor has dropped to a category 3 but it's moving directly over bermuda by sunday moo monday. it could be disasterrous for the island of bermuda. you can see the spaghetti tracks once again right over the island. julia has weakened and continues to weaken. that's good news of no interest because it's not going to affect the land masses. karl moving toward mexico as a category 1 and eventually will cause major problems of flooding down there for sure. until 9:00 tonight, a small craft advisory on the bay. winds tomorrow at 10 to 15 out of the northwest. tonight showers, maybe thunder. 64. tomorrow sunshine back out with clouds with a high close to 80 degrees. >> all r
they are, john. i spent the last couple of days in sort of southeastern virginia, norfolk virginia beach area on exactly that question. what happened to the obama magic. we picked virginia because he won that state. the first time a democrat did that since 1964. and this particular part of virginia, they elected a freshman democrat. and since that time, he's been running away from the president. a sure sign that the president's popularity, some of ththat magi has flipped in places like virginia. the democrat appeared with then candidate obama four times in 2008. now he hasn't appeared with him at all. he voted against health care reform. why? well, we talked to some independent voters in that district who voted for president obama in 2008. and they just say, look, they have no personal against the president. they think he tried to do too much too fast. and number two, they said the economy's so awful right now, people are just in complete panic mode right now and that what they want to do is take it out on their representative. whether it's a democrat, whether it's a republican. and ther
increasing now in the southeastern parts of virginia, right around virginia beach. it's getting windy and wet. there you see a tropical storm force, in east north carolina. those will be heading right on up into southern new england tonight. that's when the big problems will be occurring with the wind and the rain. it will be significant. back to you guys. >> all right, mark mancuso, >>> we'll check in with mark later this half hour. abc's coverage of earl, will continue all morning long on "gma" and >>> and a security scare at the miami airport. four concourses were evacuated overnight, while the bomb squad investigated reports of a suspicious package. the initial report came from the area of the international arrivals. the tsa says one person has been taken into custody. they're not getting details just yet on what may have been inside of that package. anyone traveling outside of miami, is told to call their carrier for possible delays. >>> engineers are starting to look into the reasons for an oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico. eric barajas has the detai
of tornadoes in west virginia and six in southeastern ohio. let's start locally because you'll see there's not much showing up around here, the tail end of thunderstorms pushing off the coast of new jersey. delmarva got hit a little harder over there but out to our north and west around cumberland and kaiser here comes another round. there are some severe thunderstorm warnings issued for that region and over to true view, show you the bigger picture as not only the strong storms were exiting the new york city area, brooklyn got hit pretty hard and in queens there's a lot of damage to the high school and you mentioned the two fatalities, but this next line coming ahead of the frontal system some thunderstorms for cumberland and elkins. i want to show you where we've had those tornado warnings as well there in the red and where i this v that tornado symbol is where a lot -- where i have that tornado symbol is where a lot of the touchdowns have been. we'll have to watch that. a frontal system is coming and we do believe as those thunderstorms get closer to d.c. they will diminish, but front
for eastern virginia. that's northern matthew counties and southeastern middlesex county in eastern virginia. that's until 8:45 this morning. meanwhile, we want to show you a tornado warning that just went into effect a short time ago. this is for western kent county. you see it there, the county or area in red that you see on the right side of your screen. that is a tornado warning for western kent county in effect until 8:45 this morning. possible tornado activity. you should take cover at this time. although we don't have an actual report of a tornado. there is a possibility of a tornado being produced in that area any moment now. so western kent county, you want to be aware of that. so let's go to hd radar and we'll show you what is happening across the region as we continue to see areas of heavy rain, particularly east of the district, in eastern maryland, the chesapeake bay, southern maryland, these places are just getting hit with round after round. we've had, generally speaking, 1-3 inches of rain, depending on where you are. i suspect some areas have higher amount. diehl is getting
of severe weather wi yet another separate line coming throu southeastern ohio, as well as western west virginia from those storms yesterday. now again, look at that. drying out. clouds all the way down to the south. showers there. we continue to look at the areas that need the rainfall. the spot around eastern virginia, western portions of maryland. and anywhere from about frederick county and virginia, wn toward spotsylvania and stafford county and off to the west. severely to extremely dry conditions. those are the areas that got the rainfall out of this weatr system. posted .75 of an inch of rain. over a third in martinsburg, west virginia. other locations, only a few hundredths of an inch of rain. a better chancef rain wednesday of next week. look at th heat down south. north carolina, 89. 91 in atlanta, georgia. that's on the south side of the weathesystem. it will be a while before we get any heat around here. a pretty nice weekend coming your way. first is dry and cool for the overnight periods. we drop down to the 50s. there is that front that culd bring a sprinkle to the area
. on the western shores of the bay and calbert, st. marys, southeastern neck of virginia, this one band of very heavy rain does appear that it's going to stay offshore. they've had a few moderate showers moving in towards new england and the eastern part of massachusetts, cape cod, and martha's vineyard. later today, sun and a beautiful weekend to follow. aaron? >> and now the traffic. steve? >> all right, eric. here we go on southbound 95. we're keeping our eye on the delay. it looks pretty good if you're heading south now ahead of everybody else. you actually are ahead of everybody else. over to the beltway near silver spring, everything is moving nicely. we've had a good right so far and it still looks like it's okay. back to you. >> steve, coming up on news 4 midday, our party planning segment continues. we're focusing on the per >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> thank you for joining us. it's dry day around here, friday, september 3rd. it's not actually dry day, because we'll have labor day cocktails in a
bay. prince george's, arlington, fair fox, montgomery counties, low 50s. west virginia, mountains, many locations in the upper 40s. eastern shore and southeastern around tidewater, temperatures in the 60s to near 70. they're getng rain already. we have very strong upper level winds moving 75, 80 miles per hour, streaming moisture up from the south. it's beginning to move up from a developing tropical system. this is right now sitting right over cuba. but the winds ahead of that system are streaming moisture up into the carolas and coming into southern virginia. this could become tropical storm nicole later today. all this moisture could certainly bring us more rain. for the morning hours it's going to be a cool morning with some sunsne. sunrise is a little pst 7:00 this morning. and then by noon time, thickening clouds in the low 70s. rain likely developing mid to late afternoon. light rain initially. overnight tonight, moderate rain through the evening and heavy rain after midnight. flooding likely. maybe thunder and lightning. and then tomorrow afternoon that rain should taper o
is for southeastern new england. >> shepard: as you go in between, the delmarva, people who live in delaware, virginia, maryland, what might they be able to expect or what should they be ready for in the overnight hours? >> most likely tropical storm force winds along the coast. i'll clear this out so you can see from the virginia border with north carolina all the way up to long island will have tropical storm force winds. at least gusts in further to the west sustained tropical storm force winds along the coast and approaching hurricane force winds again once you get out newnan tuckett, martha's vineyard area further out to the east. again, nearer to where the center of the hurricane is expected to pass. that will be tomorrow evening and overnight friday night to saturday. >> shepard: we talk about the cone of uncertainty a lot. there was a time when your models put together make it look as five there was a possibility that nantucket and other areas especially nova scotia and others it might pass directly over them. is that still a possibility? >> let's look at that. we'll switch to another graphic.
. 60s through the evening. you'll notice jupiter. brigh in the eastern-southeastern sky. predawn and the weste sky. and this is a photo taken by one of our viewers just last night. david abu, amateur astronomer who lives in virginia took this. you can see jupiter and four of its biggest moons. beautiful shot there. tomorrow we'll be warming up with a southwesterly breeze to near 90 degrees. thursday, upper 80s. few clouds around. maybe a shower after midnight through midday thursday. hot again on friday and partly cloudy. cooler over the weekend. small chance of a shower sunday and monday. >>> we're following breaking news in southeast washington that certainly could affect your commute this morningwith an accident still in the roadway. it's pennsylvania avenue at branch avenue on the east side so fast bridge, if you will. right now appears very well, if any, traic is getting by coming up on pennsylvania avenue right at the intersection of branch avenue, which is one of the busiest tersections of the district. right now traffic being held up. maybe diverted through the neighborh
. we now have fire weather warnings central new jersey into philadelphia and southeastern pennsylvania and fire weather watches for washington and parts of west virginia back to roanoke. it's like the james taylor song, fire and rain. the remnants of tropical storm her mine with 10 plus inches of rain and more rain falling. it will continue to fall and we have watches and warnings for another five to ten inches of rain in central texas into missouri. matt, we will continue to track this for you. >> thanks. we will get the local forecast in a couple of minutes. the uproar over the plans of a church in florida to burn the koran on the anniversary of 9/11 despite condemn nation from the obama administration and general in afghanistan. we have more from carrey. good morning to you. >> reporter: this church has at most 50 members, but the pastors say his actions speak for more than his worshippers and he is not going to be deterred. he is pushing forward with the plans to burn the islamic holy book, the koran. more than 7600 miles away from afghanistan, it took only a few clicks to find ter
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